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Exilio y Literatura desde la "Odisea" hasta "Molloy"
Copertina del libro EN TIERRA AJENA
Non-fictionAdultLiteraryXX CenturyCultural historyEssayLiteraturePhilosophy
326 pgs.

Anyone going into exile leaves behind people, places, land- scapes and objects, all of them inseparable from personal ex- periences and memories. Josep Solanes, begins this lovely text by speaking of the need to reflect upon his own reality in order to explore and fathom the figure of the expatriate as a para- digm of the human condition. Through a range of philosoph- ical and literary works, he identifies the true dimensions of the experience of being uprooted, revealing it in all its ambiva- lence, and offering the reader his beautiful, lucid, timeless thoughts on exile.

«A delicious book». Ara

«Readable and apt for anyone looking for pleasure

and food for thought». Ara

«Beautiful, lucid and timeless reflections on exile».

Faro de Vigo

«An enriching journey through the texts». El Diario Vasco

«This is a valuable, intense, Mediterranean book».

Enrique Vila-Matas

«A book that is as saddening as it is enlightening».

La Opinión A Coruña