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Montse Barderi Palau

256 pages

A guide to give meaning to people trapped in a meaningless relationship.

If you are absolutely comitted to a relationship that doesn’t give you any satisfaction.

If you don’t see your boyfriend as much as you would like to, he doesn’t call you enough or you feel you are not loved, wanted or prioritized enough.

If you think that sooner or later a miracle will take place and he will tell you whatever you want to hear

If you think he loves you more than he’s capable of demonstrating but he’s not brave enough to show it.

In short, if love hurts you, it’s time for you to discover another kind of love…beginning with love for yourself.

This book is intended for those women- or men- who are attached to a relationship that doesn’t make them happy, who dedicate most of their time and energy to making their partners love them, who love someone who cannot or doesn’t want to love them back as they need. Does this ring a bell?

Montse Barderi offers the reader another strategy: what if you could address all your resources and efforts towards yourself or towards people who deserve it? That’s what this book is about: how to build an interesting life, relevant and satisfactory so that one can avoid painful relationships. Montse Barderi offers the reader a complete guide with reflections, indications and workshops about a subject that should be included in our education: the education of affection.

This is not a book that stigmatizes toxic relationships as a disorder. Loving and being loved depends, very often, on luck, but it’s possible to transform a bad relationship in something positive if we direct all that passion to the only person who will never let you down: yourself.