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Laura Bonalumi

151 pages

If the forest could speak, she would tell of two boys who loved to breathe scent of resin and be touched by the Mountain pine needles. If the mountains and the stones had voice, they would say that up there, where the peaks scrape the sky, sometimes the breath breaks and stops. Like the voice of Giacomo, blocked by the grounds that suddenly collapses, like that of his closest friend, who prefers not to remember his own name, because since the mountain has crumbled, nothing makes more sense. They also would speak of Chiara breath, precious friend who loves the woods only in the postcards.

And not helpful are the words of parents, teachers or friends to fill a void that seems to have no limits: Giacomo is gone, and he brought with him the sun. Live again it seems impossible without going through what happened, going back through the forest and its prodigious. Nature can cure. The guys do not know it.

The adventure of a thirteen-year boy that flew in the forest, alone, searching of the soul of his best friend, the discovery of the unpredictability of life. And suddenly the presence of an old Wolf can heals the wounds…