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Lucía Etxebarria

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The wife of a crook: is she stupid or pretending to be? Lucía Etxebarria gets to the heart of the matter yet again. Beneath a plot of love and luxury lies a caustic social critique. A fast-paced story in which nothing is as it appears. David, an actor who had it all and then lost it, receives an unexpected assignment: to visit Elena, who was his childhood sweetheart, who later married a corrupt politician and nowadays lies dying in a hospital room. The assignment is given to him by Alexia, Elena’s cousin, a millionaire whose fortune comes from the somewhat shady real estate investments of her ex-husband. Their reunion and the conversations between David and Elena entail a debate between the ethical and the aesthetic, between what is correct and what is ideal. And the cross of seduction, deception, lies, and treachery between David, Elena, and Alexia brings to light the best and worst of each of them.