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Mentes fuertes contra viento y marea
Copertina del libro SER FELIZ EN ALASKA
245 pgs.

Rafael Santandreu’s new book puts forward a scientific method that will help us to become healthier and stronger people, more peaceful, well-balanced and free of our fears.

All the obsessions that poison our lives- anxiety, depression, stress, shynness-, all our fears and worries are the result of a flawed way of thinking that we are unable to completely reverse. HOW TO BE HAPPY IN ALASKA offers the method to achieve this change thanks to the most effective therapeutic school: modern Cognitive Psychology.

With HOW TO BE HAPPY IN ALASKA, the author shows us the three main steps we have to follow in order to change our personal psychology:

1) Focus on our inner self.

2) Learn to travel light.

3) Appreciate what surrounds us.