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Alejandro Palomas

336 pages

“R sat on the carpet beside the bed, just as he had seen him the night of the storm than a year earlier life had changed them both. He gasped and stared, motionless, as if in summer he lies in the sun on the deck, wrapped in heat. ”

Sitting in a cafe one afternoon in early summer, Fer and his mother, Amalia, wait for a call that never comes. During the following hours, Fer will do anything to hide what is behind that dreaded call that can shatter the calm that has settled in the family since he was a just a puppy, R reached their life. But maybe that calm is more precarious than it seems. When the phone finally rings, the night will bring an unexpected company, and with it will come a flood of confessions, truths that perhaps were not so and the five letters of a name, pulling the family album, Fer should dare to invoke for life to return to show him and his, his best version. A dog is not just a portrait of the fascinating bond between a man and his dog, but a swirl of emotions that come together in a tender and raw look at the familiar world and a tribute to love in all its manifestations.