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Beatriz Rodriguez

250 pages

Clara Ibáñez is a young journalist who lives shut herself away in a small town. Despite her past hopes, she runs the local newspaper and she barely talks to anyone, with the exception of Chabela, the landlady of Las Rosas Inn, where she lives while trying to get over the recent death of her husband drinking at nigh and jogging in the morning.

The discovery of Fran Borrego’s dead body, a well-known landowner in Fuentegrande, will turn this quiet life up side down, unveiling a society full of envy, schemes and unfinished businesses that come from a past Clara was unaware of.

This forementioned past, that starts in Fran Borrego’s teen years, acts as a flashback within the story, and while Clara Ibáñez begins an investigation about the death of the landowner, inquiring every potential character connected to the murder, the flashback set in the 90’s, shows the reader the real story of sex, love, rage, friendship, betrayal and revenge.

This way the novel plays with many realities, with the sole whitness of the reader itself, who gets to know the evolution of the characters, Clara Ibáñez included. Said evolution has two key elements: the first one would be food, through all recipes Chabela narrates in every chapter; the second would be sex, that clashes into Clara’s life through Fernando Alegría, one of the main suspects she is inevitably attracted to.