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Eloy Moreno

448 pages

The author of the bestselling BOLÍGRAFO DE GEL VERDE, (The Green Ballpoint Pen) is back, with over 100,000 copies sold!

First print run of 25,000 copies.

A man parks his fancy new car in a service area, a car that he’s just bought thanks to saving money over many years, a car that is stolen right before his very eyes, his car and his computer, cell phone, and clothes…. And he’s left with no other option than trusting a street musician to take him to the nearest police station in his raggedy old truck. A police station located in a mysterious place called La Isla. A place where… everything is different.

This is Eloy Moreno’s most personal and moving book to date, a book that, as indicated by the title, is a true gift for his readers. The Gift is a reflection on our way of living, replete with the subtle social criticism and singular sensitivity that have trapped hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the world.