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The bloody history of the Michelangelo Bozzetto
Copertina del libro BOZZETTO
FictionAdultCommercialHistoricalVaticanPaintingSpy fictionRenaissance
592 pgs.

BOZZETTOis the draft for the wall fresco of the "Last Judgement" in the Sistine Chapel. In 1534 painted on a wooden panel, Michelangelo’s design only resided in it’s appropriate place in the Vatican until 1546, when it was snatched by an enarmoured Cardinal who presented his lover with the artpiece.

In our days, the Swiss gallerist Hans Albert Bilgrin and former lawyer Maximilian Prückner trace with the help of the wondrously talented Sofie the trail of blood the Bozzetto has left during its way throughout European history. Hidden inside the wood panel, the forces of good and evil are fighting - until nowadays. In their attempt to break the curse of the Bozzetto and save Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the trio faces suddenly an unexpected deadly threat.