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Photo of Lluis Prats Martínez

born in Terrassa in 1966, studied Art and Archaeology in the UAB and in the University of Girona. For years he spent time in historic investigation focused in the patronage during the Late Medieval Ages and the Reinaissance . His work Los genios del Renacimiento y del Barroco italiano (Carroccio, 2006) was awarded with the Primer Premio del Ministerio de Cultura. He have worked a few years as a professor in Secondary Schools, as a publisher in Art Books and has run a Production Company in featuring movies in Los Angeles (California) where he have had the opportunity to work in some projects with Oscar's award winners. He has published more than a dozen of teen novels (El laboratorio secreto, Bambú 2006; El libro azul, Bambú 2007) and essays (Cine para educar, Belacqua 2005). Recently he has been interested on Historic Novels and published Aretes de Esparta (Pamies 2010). He has been a marathon runner for a long time and loves painting watercolours.