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Photo of Javier Zamudio

(Cali, Colombia, 1983) Javier Zamudio reads Japanese, Greek and English, started a career in Philosophy and quit to become a writer; work as a pedagogical researcher, start a career in Modern Languages, quit to become a writer again; interview Daniel Cassany, visit Buenos Aires and Bogota and win two literary prizes; witness truly bloody episodes; start to drink liquor and, after much perseverance, quit drinking to become a writer all over again; have a son and publish a book, short stories and poems in worldwide magazines, all before turning 30.

For these reasons, what we don´t find in Zamudio’s work is a pretence of returning without having gone anywhere. His fiction resonates with an explosive exuberance reminiscent of the Latin American boom, yet, instead of using magic to stun his readers, his words deliver a devastating punch, letting us appreciate that his colossal episodes are not the product of delirium tremens.

Short stories

ZAPPING, short story, Luvina Magazine #72, University of Guadalajara, Mexico City, 2013

ES COMO MIRARSE EN UN ESPEJO (It´s Like Looking in the Mirror), short story, Número Magazine #65, Bogota 2010

LA AGENDA NEGRA (The Black Agenda), short story, Odradek Magazine # 14, Medellin, 2009


Finalist, Short Story Competition Ediciones Disculpe la molestia, Mexico City 2013

First place, "Los estudiantes escriben en el aula” Short Story Competition, Valle University, Cali 2009

First place, II Poetry City Competition, Cali, 2009

Finalist, International Competition "One Thousand Poems for Colombian Peace”, Cali, 2013


EL INFIERNO DE LOS OTROS (The Hell of Others), Valle University, Cali 2009

Javier Zamudio has published his work in print and online magazines in Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Argentina. He participated in the International Poetry Festival, Cali 2009, and in the National Poetry Festival "Con los brazos abiertos”, among others.

THE HOTEL is Zamudio´s first foray into novel writing.