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Cover of the book VENENO PARA LA CORONA
FictionAdultCommercialHistoricalWomen's FictionGenre
250 pgs.

March of 1452. Juana Enríquez, second wife of Juan de Trastámara, the Usurper, King widower of Navarre, makes being carried from Sangüesa to Sos to give birth to Fernando El Católico, the son for whom both will break the laws of the Kingdom of Navarra and the Crown of Aragon, violating that way the rights of the true heir, Carlos Prince of Viana.

Under curious circumstances, the lifes of the Queen Juana Enríquez and Jordana Gorría, a women marked by dishonor, will intersect and will be linked for years, merging into this relationship both the ambition of the first and the aim of revenge of the latter.

From Navarre to Sicily, through Aragon, Catalonia and Naples, this story brings us a real and hard time of plots, in which poisoning was an usual procedure to get rid of the enemies and, even, of those who weren’t.